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Livin That Life Academy 🌴

Start your Online Business in 30 Days.

This course will help you choose and START an Online Business Model within 30 days. THIS is my beginners' course.
I've finally created a full video series breaking down the 
Top 10+ Online Business Models 
that are still earning my personal friends 6-figures today.
(that earn money 24/7 while you sleep). 

Plus, I will share with you everything you should know about starting an online business, AND all the things I wish I knew sooner that will accelerate you on your online-based career journey and help you avoid tons of mistakes that I made.


In my 5+ years as a digital nomad, the #1 question I get is... 
"Riley... How do I START as a digital nomad?!
Well... it comes down to... you must earn your income online!! So, Step 1 is choosing an online business model!  Here's how I can help you with that!

I will Break Down for You
The Top 10 Online Business Models of 2019 
...so you can finally CHOOSE one, START building it, and soon be FREE to work WHERE and WHEN you want. While building a million-dollar online-based company.

This course will help you choose and START Online Business Model within 30 days. THIS is my beginner's course.

Watch me break down for you FROM THE HEART various topics that I know about.  
This is all the knowledge I've gained in my 5+ year digital career, packaged into short, easy to follow videos.

Week 1: Mindset
The Mindset You Must Have (for Long-term Online Success)
+ and more
Week 2: Business Models
Explanations of the top online business models that are crushing today. 
+ and more
BONUS Week 3: Side-Hustle Hacking 
Accelerate your side-hustle: tips, tricks & hacks that will help you go full-time as soon as possible.

+ and more
BONUS Week 4: The Transition
Tips I've learned thru dozens of interviews about how to most effectively transition into this new career/life.
 + more around: How to quit your job, drop-out/opt out of school, sell your stuff, deal with relationships, and transition into a new career / lifestyle.

Being able to Earn Remotely is 

More Freedom, more Flexibility, more Fun, more Finances.
(And the quest to Enlightenment.)
This is the beginning of the rest of your life... If you're like most freedom fighters, you understand that we have only one life and it's imperative that we make the most of it.  

You KNOW you want to be your own boss.  So why wait? I'm the expert – and I'm here to help you blast off.  Don't spend any more years making your boss rich – start NOW building your own online company – and eventually your online EMPIRE.

In order to most efficiently help my followers escape the rat race, I recorded a week by week online academy with breakdowns of successful business models to help you start & grow a passive income in less than 30 days.

Before I had 50,000+ YouTube subscribers, owned multiple successful online businesses, and lived in the Tropics year round, while being able to visit over 30+ countries all around the world...

My biggest problem was figuring how to start making consistent $$ online so that I could:

1) Quit my 'OK' sales job
2) Live Anywhere (& travel whenever I like)
3) Work on my own Schedule, and
4) Have the Free Time (& headspace) to pursue my passion projects... 

...and build dream businesses... overall do whatever I want... AND progress on my journey towards spiritual Enlightenment:)

And let's face it... We ALL want these things!

So don't put it off any longer. There will never be an 'easy' or 'perfect' time to START doing what you want. So why wait.

This course will help you get all these things sooner. The information inside is everything I wish I had when I first started. You've got it all right here. 

See you inside.

Riley Bennett
Online Seller. Digital Nomad. YouTuber.
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